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    Baby Outfits- Important Factors to Consider When Buying Newborn Clothes

    Baby Outfits- Important Factors to Consider When Buying Newborn Clothes

    Baby Outfits- Important Factors to Consider When Buying Newborn Clothes

    If you do not know what you are looking for, choosing baby clothes is a difficult task. Do not worry anymore, as this article will give you advice on buying cheap baby clothes, especially if you are doing it for the first time, or want to know what to do for a new born baby.

    Babies have different designs, styles and sizes. Following tips will be helpful for you in choosing the right babywear. You can choose to buy from a physical store or an online store as per your choice.

    When buying baby clothes, you must know how to correctly identify high quality clothing. Admittedly, the market is  saturated  with small, irresistible newborn clothing, but many of the clothing are  fast production without focusing on quality. Low-quality clothing will not stand the test of time. In addition, poor quality baby clothes may cause discomfort to your child and could be a hazard to their safety. . By buying the highest quality apparel for your newborn, you are making a reasonable investment  in your child's safety, comfort and appearance. In this Consumer Buying Guide, you will learn some basic strategies for successfully identifying high quality newborn clothing.

    Steps to buy cheap baby boy and baby and girls cloth

    Evaluate the seams

    The first step in determining the quality of the equipment you buy is to take time to evaluate the seams in the baby wear. When looking at the seams, make sure that they fit together closely. If you observe the seams and notice loosening of the thread and broken pins, it means that you have poor quality newborn clothing before you. In general, if the number of needles per inch of clothing is high, the quality of these items will be high. In addition, tight stitching is often associated with high quality components.

    However, since you are buying newborn clothing, you need to make sure that close sutures do not affect the free flow of clothing, as this may make the baby uncomfortable. High-quality clothing will have seams sewn on a single straight line. However, bilinear and / or serrated seams are considered to be stronger than single-stitched straight seams.


    When assessing the quality of a baby garment, it is important to consider the type of material that the garment is composed of. We all have our own preferences with regard to apparel materials; however, it is best to choose natural fibers and other materials that are less likely to irritate the skin of your baby and cause discomfort.. In addition, natural materials are durable easy to maintain as well Linen, wool, cotton, and silk are considered ideal for baby clothes.

    Babywear clothing made of nylon, acetate,   or polyester are not preferred  as their fabric may irritate the skin of your new born The quality of natural and synthetic materials is high, so  parents prefer them for babywear clothing Natural materials are the first choice of the  parents.

    Evaluate lining

    In general, baby clothing has special liners or other types of reinforcements to increase the durability of the garment and optimize the comfort of the child who is about to wear the garment. In order to ensure high quality clothing for your newborn, it is important to take time to understand and / or evaluate the lining on the garment. You should pay special attention to the areas that are considered highly used, such as zippers and buttons.

    Choose newborn baby clothes that are slightly larger


    It is also important to ensure the lining is thick and at the same time provides warmth and protection to the babies in their clothes. If the lining is thick and strong, , your newborn’s clothing will be of high quality too

    If you are interested in buying cheap yet high quality baby outfits,, browse through the extensive babywear collection of our store. We offer a wide range of newborn baby clothing set, baby clothes and accessories.

    Keep the below points in mind while choosing babywear for your newborn:

    • Choose according to your baby's needs: Newborn babies do not need to go out in the first few months. They usually only go out for medical examination and vaccination. So, your baby does not need fancy clothes as yet. All they need is sleepers and pajamas, which will make them comfortable, safe and warm. Carefully check the items for damage and loose buttons.
    • Adequate head space: Most babies are annoyed with something on their head.. Choose the babywear clothing with wide head space so that you can easily put on and take off clothes from your baby.
    • Choose crotch buttoned clothes: This will prove useful in changing diapers quickly during the night.
    • Choose clothes made of good and comfortable materials: Baby's skin is sensitive and gentle. Check the labels and seams as these may irritate the skin of your baby. Check if the inside stitch is smooth or not.
    • Easy to wash: One of the tedious tasks of having children is to wash clothes. This is why you have to choose clothes that do not give too much trouble in laundry.
    • , Buy season appropriate clothing: Buy clothing for your baby which is best for the season you wish to put them on your baby.
    • Larger size clothing: Choose baby clothes that are slightly larger than the baby's size. Babies grow rapidly during infancy, and may soon outgrow their clothing.

    Baby clothes come in many designs, styles and colors. You can increase the baby's personal style by combining names and letters. Baby clothes are one of the essentials in your baby’s life. Follow the simple tips mentioned above and do not make mistakes to get baby clothes.

    Buying baby clothes in the right way means you're less likely to buy expensive garments that have little utility for your baby. . Be selective in choosing a babywear to ensure that it provides the look, comfort and convenience you need. Here are five tips to help you buy baby clothes and get the best price / performance ratio.


    Baby clothes vary in size from manufacturer to manufacturer, so we do not have a clear size guide here. The newborn’s size is generally zero, but this is actually a fairly small size, unless your baby's body weight is less than average, The best advice is to pre-purchase a size of 000 and then purchase additional supplies if you need a size of 0000 after birth. Prior to purchase, check the weight and height of the standard label (average birth weight is 3.5 kg).



     Your newborn can benefit from 100% combed cotton or 100% organic cotton clothing. This is especially useful for babies under 12 months of age as their skin is very sensitive. Once your baby gets older, try different mixtures to see which one is most comfortable and valuable.

     Easy to put on and off Apparel with zippers and buttons are very useful, but they could be potential hazard to your newborn as they get rashes from these items. Some of the easier clothes include a neck-neck or magnetic snap on the crotch that make it quick to change diapers.

    Simple shape

    . Choose simple clothing for your baby that doesn’t have much decorative items. Avoid the clothing with objects such as bows and tulle. Trendy baby apparel come in a variety of colors and patterns, some of the most popular options include purple, light green and orange for girls, purple and blue for boys.

    In addition, make sure that the selected product is free of irritating dyes or chemicals that are often added during the manufacturing process. Prewash your babywear before putting them on your baby to prevent irritation and allergies due to chemicals.

    Elastic waist

     Choose elastic waist pants so that you can easily put on and take off them from your baby. Small panties are easier to manage than clothes with drawstrings or buttons.

    In addition, buying a piece of clothing that is too large can help compensate for the baby's rapid growth. Anything too big can be rolled up until the next growth eruption of your baby. A six-month-old baby can easily wear clothes for 9 to 12 months while a one-year-old baby does not have any problems getting dressed in older baby sizes of 1.5 yeas

    Real bargains

    . Look at cheap items that can be found in used baby clothe stores. These garments are as good as new, which makes them cost-effective. To learn more about baby clothes or newborn baby clothes, check out our babywear collection.

    As a prospective parent or new parent, you may soon find yourself awed by the sheer volume of baby clothes and other types of newborn clothing available in the markets today. These clothing - often are decorated with laces, ribbons, animals and child-friendly prints, and are hard to resist. While it is tempting to fill your child's closest fashion with the most expensive designs, you should resist this temptation.

    For newborn baby clothes, you have more to consider than brand names associated with the product. Although designer clothes are often made of the highest quality and safest materials in the manufacturing process, this is not always the case. So here, we are providing other important factors to consider when buying newborn clothing.


    When buying baby clothes, make sure that the clothing is made of the finest materials.  Do not compromise on quality for the sake of designing. Comfort and quality are of utmost importance for your baby as they hardly care for design. What we mean by high-quality materials is that it should be able to withstand the constant changes associated with newborns. High quality material is durable and does not show physical signs of fake architecture. While certain design may instantly appeal to you, nevertheless, you must make sure that you are buying high quality products that are long lasting.


    Companies that make baby clothes know that parents find it hard to reject an attractive set of dresses, pants or pajamas. It is your responsibility to ensure that the clothes you choose for your baby provide the highest level of comfort to them. There are two basic facts to keep in mind when buying baby clothes for newborns. Firstly, newborns grow at a fast rate. Secondly, the baby spends most of their time sleeping. In some cases, the baby may sleep for eighteen hours in twenty-four hours.

     So, well-designed clothing will optimize your baby’s comfort. When a newborn feels comfortable, they enjoy resting while the whole family is more peaceful. Choose from designer clothes, animal prints, and more stylish clothes made of high-quality materials, but make sure that the design is such that your baby feels comfortable wearing the clothing.

     Best babywear collection for you If you are buying infant baby clothes, consider buying a collection that is of good quality and also looks attractive You can shop for babywear collections consisting of animals, butterflies birds, car pictures, dinosaurs, dragons etc. , You can also consider buying robotic clothing.

    Babywear are an effective way to dress your baby in best ways. Follow the steps outlined in this Consumer Guide and you will find it an exciting endeavor to choose baby clothes. You will certainly be able to find high quality, comfortable and attractive newborn clothing for your baby.

    If you   want high quality, comfortable and attractive clothing for your baby, browse Fly Baby Wear online store to get top quality babywear for your toddler.


    Welcome Your Newborn in The World with Coziness and Comfort of Trendy Babywear

    Welcome Your Newborn in The World with Coziness and Comfort of Trendy Babywear

    So, you are welcoming your newborn into the world and wondering about the babywear. With so many options available, it’s easy to get intimidated. You need to ensure that you get best babywear for your newborn to keep them comfortable and cozy all the time. The benefits of babywear go beyond calming an upset baby as well-worn babies have been found to cry less, allowing you more time to attend to other tasks.

    We have come up here with some useful tips that will allow you to buy best fit and comfortable babywear for your cute baby.

    What to look for in babywear?

    • The outfit and accessories for baby girl and baby boy should be purchased keeping safety, comfort and practicality in mind.
    • Stay away from the baby girl clothing with bows, ties and rhinestones as these could be potentially choking risks.
    • Make sure that all decorations on trendy baby girl clothes are sewed tightly.
    • The infant clothing should be easy to get on and off without any wriggling.
    • Avoid outfit and accessories for baby girl and boy that pull tightly around their neck, arms and legs, and are not easy to put on your baby.
    • The toddler clothes should have loose fitting sleeves so that you can easily put your hand underneath to push the baby’s arm through.
    • The baby girl clothing should not have ribbons or strings to wrap around the neck as it may choke your baby.
    • Trendy baby girl clothes allow you to snap or zip down both legs for easier diaper changes.
    • Trendy baby wear for boys and girls allow you snap the toddler clothing all the way down the front instead of back.
    • Age doesn’t matter much when it comes to babywear online shopping as different brands size babywear clothing differently. Many babywear clothing will list both age and weight on their labels.
    • Choose the toddler clothing that is machine washable to save your efforts in hand washing. The clothes made with 100% cotton are best as they are not only comfortable and durable but also wash pretty well.
    • Label on your baby’s sleepwear will tell you whether it needs to be worn snuggly or if it is fire retardant. The manufacture may have used some chemicals to make the fabrics fire resistant and they can easily get inside your baby if not bound well to the clothing fabric. So, a better alternative would be to choose the all- natural fabrics that all flame retardant too when fit snuggly.

    What to shop for cold and hot weather?

    In colder weather: Your baby will need multiple layers of clothing. Dress your baby in an undershirt and diaper, and covering with a dressing gown or outfit. Thereafter, the infant can be wrapped in a baby blanket.

    In hot weather: The baby’s clothing can be reduced to a single layer. The thumb rule is to wear your baby in one more layer than what you feel comfortable in the same environment.

    We have some of the trendiest baby boy outfits for you to choose from, such as:

    • Baby boy romper superman long sleeve with smock Halloween Christmas costume
    • Boutique kids clothes summer baby boy clothes Mickey toddler boys clothing set, or
    • Baby boys clothing sets baby summer products bebe cotton tops + bib shorts 2 pcs suit.

    For designer baby girl outfit, you can choose from our below baby wear collection for girls and infants:

    • Toddler girls cotton butterfly T-shirt + pants suit set baby girls long sleeve clothing sett
    • 1st birthday cake smash outfits infant clothing sets romper + Tutu skirt + flower cap newborn baby suits
    • Newly cosplay Halloween toddler baby kid pumpkin print sleeveless romper jumpsuits tops + hats
    • Autumn baby girls boys clothes sets infant cotton suits casual style cartoon kids T shirt + pants children suits

    Swaddle to make your newborn happier

    Babies are normally worn or put in the arms of parents for most of time, and put down only for sleep. You need to swaddle your newborn in a baby blanket to provide them warmth and security while they sleep. You need to be aware of the proper way of swaddling your baby as doing it incorrectly may loosen the baby’s joints and cause damage to the soft cartilage of their hip sockets, leading to hip dysplasia. We have explained below the correct way to swaddling a baby:

    • Spread the baby blanket flat with one corner folded down.
    • Lay your toddler on the baby blanket face up in a way that their head is placed above the folded corner.
    • Afterwards, straighten the left arm of your baby, wrapping the left corner of the baby blanket over their body.
    • Tuck the blanket between the right arm and right side of the baby’s body.
    • Then you need to tuck the right arm down. Thereafter, fold the right corner of the baby blanket over their body and under the left side of their body.
    • Ensure that the blanket is not too tight and the baby is able to move their hips comfortably. You would want to get some of your fingers between the chest of your baby and the swaddle that you just made for her so that they can breathe comfortably and move their neck around with ease.

    During the first few weeks, your newborn will spend most of their time wrapped in a receiving blanket. The baby blanket, such as the one available with the Fly Baby Gear - the 100% organic cotton knitted baby blanket for boys girls kids 100 x 80 cm, can be used to swaddle your baby by wrapping them in it comfortably. This Fly Baby Wear blanket will not only provide warmth to your toddler but its slight pressure on you baby when swaddled will also help provide them a sense of security.

    Choosing the right size for babywear outfits

    Getting the right size for your baby apparels online can be tricky, so here’s our lowdown on buying the right size baby wear, outfit & accessories for baby girl and baby boy as per their weight:

    • Tiny baby (up to 2.3 kg)
    • New baby (up to 3.4 kg)
    • One month old baby (4.5 kg)
    • 3 months (up to 6.5 kg)

    If your baby is on the smaller or larger side, Fly Baby Wear offers a range of newborn clothing to keep your tiny newborn snuggly. All our newborn and toddler clothes come with soft touch fastenings so that your baby doesn’t get uncomfortable wearing them.

    Our range of clothing for the newborn includes:

    • Newborn baby boys girls clothes long sleeve cotton T-shirt tops pants hat 3 pcs.
    • Autumn baby boy clothes long sleeve top + pants + hat 3 pcs sport suit baby clothing set newborn infant clothing.
    • Baby girls long sleeve jumpsuits baby boys infant rompers princess girl sweet knitted overalls infant romper.
    • Newborn baby clothes polar fleece infant baby rompers boy and girl long sleeve winter romper overalls baby clothing set.
    • Newborn infant baby boy girl clothes warm long sleeve hooded romper fashion baby suit pocket one piece outfit clothing.

    Your babywear need not be a costly affair

    The outfit and accessories for baby boy and baby girl need not be that expensive affair for you. There are plenty of cut offs that will allow you to save on your toddler and babywear expenses. Here are some tips that will allow you to save significantly on your toddler clothes, baby boy dress, trendy baby girl girls and other outfit and accessories for baby girl.

    1.Shop online but not for everything

    Limit your shopping to must-have items and avoid unnecessary things such as toys till your toddler is able to play and enjoy with them. Stick to the online retailer that has an extensive babywear collection for you to choose from and also offers you free shipping. Avoid choosing too much as you may end up with a shipment of stuffs that you really didn’t need.

    Some of the must haves available at the Fly Baby Wear for your lovely baby that you can order for without paying any shipping costs are:

    • New fashion baby boy girl clothing set cotton letter long sleeved T-shirt + striped pants baby clothing set.
    • Cartoon long-sleeved T-shirt + pants infant clothes 2 pcs suit.
    • Autumn new baby boy clothes set cotton long-sleeved romper + trousers + hat 3 pcs.
    • Newborn baby boys baby girls clothes cotton set 2 pcs.

    2.Don’t buy babywear clothes that will soon outgrow

    Don’t buy the clothes that your toddler will outgrow in few months. Buy the babywear clothing that is one number bigger than your baby size so that you can use them for longer periods of time as you baby grows.

    3.Buy at the month-end

    Many online babywear stores require their sales staff to meet monthly targets. So, you are likely to catch up with some good offer s and deals from the store staff who are feeling the pressure of meeting their target. If you are buying a pricey piece, such as the baby monitors or strollers, ask the staff if they can throw any extras.

    4.Share the stuff

    The cost of your baby’s beauty routine, such as shampoos and lotions can add up over time. They could turn out to be more expensive than your own! So, go for the scent-free and gentle stuff that could be used by both –you and your baby.

    5.Check with your employer for perks

    You might not be aware of a childcare program offered by your employer. So, just give a ring to the HR, and they might have something to offer you that will allow you to use pre-tax money to pay for the child care. Even if there isn’t such a program or you don’t qualify for the one, just talk to your office accountant to explore the possibility of taking advantage of child and dependent care tax credit.

    6.Call your insurance provider

    To offset the cost of your babywear collection, check with your insurance carrier if the expenses are partly covered in your plan. If they won’t pay for a brand you are set for, see the manufacture’s site, and you might get the help you want.

    Let’s have a look at the washing care for baby clothes

    Follow the below for best results:

    Read the label instructions

    If the babywear clothes have a label, you are most likely to see wash care instructions on it, such as if the clothing could be machine-washed and the ideal water temperature. Babywear manufacturers often come with baby safe steps for washing the clothes. Follow them to keep your baby’s clothing in good condition for long.

    Choosing the detergent

    A baby detergent is often unable to remove hard stains. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s safe to use regular detergents as long as your baby does not have allergies. So, you can use regular detergent to wash your baby’s clothes but take care that it does not have conditioning chemicals, intense fragrance or added colors. You can always find the detergents that are specially formulated for babywear wash without leaving any allergenic residues.

    However, if your baby has skin allergies, use baby detergent to wash your babywear collection. Go for a baby detergent variant which is specifically formulated for the infants with skin conditions. If your toddler has milder skin conditions, a regular liquid detergent can safely be used because it rinses easily compared to the power-based ones.

    Wash separately

    Baby’s clothes should be washed separately from the household garments to prevent the dirt gathering into the baby’s clothes, thus mitigating the chances of allergy.

    Wash before use

    If you purchased the clothes before the arrival of your newborn into this world, just wash them before putting on your baby.

    A word on fabric softeners and dryer sheets

    Fabric softeners are used to soften the cloth material while dryer sheets are placed in an electric dryer to prevent the buildup of static electricity. Both of these items are chemicals that can irritate the tender skin of your baby. Moreover, the fragrance used in babywear washing could be upsetting to them. Experts are not in favor of using the fabric softeners and dryer sheets as these will make your baby prone to irritation and allergies.


    Unfastened Velcro will lose the stickiness easily as its little hooks will be damaged by the dryer’s heat and friction. So, take care to fasten any Velcro enclosure and tabs before putting them into the washing machine.

    Sunlight is chemical free

    Use hot water and sunlight to disinfect your babywear clothing as these are naturally chemical free.

    Wash regularly

    Wash the diapers and undergarments regularly to protect them from germs and keep their clothes squeaky-clean.

    Pediatricians agree that infants thrive through touch. Baby wearing allows you to meet that need of your baby while freeing you to attend other tasks.

    Fly Baby Wear has a lot more choices for you to choose from in babywear collection including rompers, jumpsuits, baby blankets, hoodies, unique baby boy outfit, shoes and baby monitor. All our featured products are made with baby friendly fabric and designed to provide them utmost comfort and coziness. We offer free shipping and process your orders in the quickest time so that you get your stuff at your doorstep in the minimum time possible. Just browse our babywear collection to choose your selection.

    Trendiest Babywear Ideas for Your Bundle of Joy

    Trendiest Babywear Ideas for Your Bundle of Joy

    Shopping for perfect babywear may not be that easy. You need to ensure that what you get for your baby is not just of the best quality but also provides them utmost comfort and supports their daily activities. You need to keep certain points in mind while shopping for comfortable babywear for your infant. Read on to know what all you need to consider while shopping for babywear, the qualities you need to look for, how to care for babywear and what all options are available to you in online babywear shopping.

    Every one of us is pretty much aware that babies spend a lot of time in sleeping, playing and eating, so choose clothing that is equally comfortable to them during their naptime and tummy time.

    Moreover, as you will have to change a lot of diapers throughout the day, choose a babywear that makes it easier for you to dress your baby and doesn’t make it more of a struggle for you.

    Also, be known that sleeping gowns tend to hike up around your baby’s tummy, so use them in conjunction with a blanket to keep your baby’s feet and legs warm.

    Comfort over design

    While shopping for online babywear, remember that comfort factor is more important than design as babies don’t care for the design. A newborn’s skin is very sensitive and can be bruised by a rough fabric. So, the babywear clothing should be made of soft and breezy fabric. Go for cotton, fleece or blended fabric that has a good absorbing capacity and feels gentle on your baby’s tender skin.

    There are plenty of options to choose from for your baby’s clothing, and it could turn out to be really hard to select the best one. So, you need to be informed of what would be right for your baby and how could you shop for a babywear that provides you value for money. So, here we have come up with some handy tips that would help you find the best urban baby clothes collection for your toddlers. Here we go:

    • Buy gender neutral baby clothes for your newborn as they aren’t going to be very dirty and won’t be worn for long. They will still be in pristine condition by the time your next baby comes along.
    • Clothes with press studs are easier to handle than buttons. These prove especially helpful at the middle of the night when you are sleep deprived and can’t hold your head up straight for changing.
    • A larger size is always good given the fast growth rate of the babies. When it comes to gifting, gift your friend/relative a larger size as she will probably already have loads of small sizes clothing for her baby.
    • Don’t buy too many shirts and pants in small sizes (0000 to 000) as your newborn’s healing umbilical cord might get into the way of their waistband.
    • Choose a newborn babywear that can be used from birth.
    • Make sure that the clothing is comfortable for the baby’s delicate skin.
    • Ensure that your newborn is able to nurse comfortably in the babywear you select for him/her.
    • You should be comfortable to get the baby into the clothing of your own.
    • Singlet suits will prevent the older babies from taking off their nappies. Tight singlet suits over cloth nappies can cause moisture to wick to the clothes, so you would rather want to have a normal singlet for your baby.

    Caring and dressing the newborn

    Newborn babies need to be kept comfortable all the time. As a thumb rule, dress your newborn in the same number of layers as you are wearing plus one extra layer for warmth in winters. Avoid wrapping the baby in bunny rugs as it may overheat and irritate them. Go for the lightweight muslin and cotton wraps instead. Slings and wraps are ideal for the newborn and can be conveniently used as your child grows through toddlerhood.

    While dressing your newborn, you need to ensure that she/he doesn’t get irritated with your multiple movements. Follow the procedure described below to dress up your newborn in a hassle-free and comfortable manner.

    • Place your newborn on a soft surface in a warm enough room.
    • Put a nappy on the baby to prevent them from weeing on you.
    • Stretch the neck of the singlet and supporting your baby’s head, put it on from the back. Be careful that you do not scrap the baby’s face with the cloth while doing this.
    • Gently place the baby’s arms through the arms hole.
    • While dressing up the baby in a jumpsuit, unzip or unbutton it, place the baby on top of the jumpsuit, put their arms and legs into the holes, snap the buttons or do up the zip.

    Choose comfy newborn baby clothing set as it will allow you to dress up your baby in fewer movements and in less time without causing them discomfort or irritation. This becomes all the more crucial if you need to dress up your baby quickly after a pleasant bath while she or he is still yelling.

    The babywear you select should provide not only value for money but also allow your baby to make free movements for the exploration of surroundings under your caring eyes.

    Hoodies for the newborn

    At Fly Baby Wear, we have plenty of choices for your newborn’s wearing needs. Babywear items such as hoodies not only provide warmth to your baby but also provide comfort and protection to their head. Here are some newborn hoodies available with the Fly Baby Wear that you can choose from for your newborn:

    • Hooded coats + T-shirt + pants
    • Baby girls long sleeve hooded tops floral pants 2 pcs, and
    • Baby boys girl 3D hooded tops sweatshirt + striped pants outfit clothing set 0 - 3 that are great for layering.

    A word of caution! Do not use strong detergents and fabric softeners while washing the baby’s clothes as these items may irritate their tender skin. Soak the clothes soiled with poo in a nappy sanitizer before washing.

    Front-opening is a lot convenient, go for it

    It could be really irritating for the babies to put them into the clothing that needs to be pulled over their heads. So, go for the clothes with front-openings that could be easily put on while the baby is lying down. Remember that the babies have comparatively larger heads, so make sure that the baby T-shirt has a large neckline or clasps that you can conveniently do up again without itching on their chubby cheeks once the T-shirt is over the baby’s head.

    You also need to keep certain quality parameters in mind to get nothing but the best for your baby. The below quality indicators will help you select the best quality online babywear for your kids.

    • Go for the toddler baby suits or clothes that are made from baby soft cotton. It’s extra gentle for the newborn’s tender skin.
    • Choose the clothes that are comfortable and easy to get on and off.
    • The babywear should be soft, comfy and easy to take care of.
    • Babies grow fast, so do not go for the smallest sizes.
    • While shopping for the baby bodysuit, make sure that it’s durable enough to withstand multiple diaper changes.
    • Expandable shoulder of the baby wear will allow you to get the baby suit on and off without getting you caught on the baby’s head and ears.
    • Soft, stretchy pants with covered elastic waistband will make it easy for you to get them on and off.
    • Fold over cuffs will save your baby from scratching his or her face.
    • A side-snap closure body suit would be even better than having a zipper as you won’t have to worry about accidentally catching your baby’s thighs as you zip it up.

    An exhaustive range of online babywear collection

    Fly Baby Wear’s featured products come with sturdy stitching, breathable fabric and attractive designs. All our products are competitively priced and we provide hassle free home delivery service to our valued customers.

    You can choose from a range of our online baby wear categories such as:

    • Boys
    • Girls
    • Infants
    • New Born
    • Toddlers
    • Baby Monitors, and
    • Miscellaneous Items

    We have even more options of you in toddlers’ wear, such as:

    • Newborn infant baby toddler long sleeve deer fish romper jumpsuit for baby girl
    • Gentleman style bow tie jumpsuit toddler boys clothing
    • Baby boy girl hooded romper long sleeve X print striped toddler kids jumpsuit

    Some of our trendiest babywear clothing for infants include the below ones:

    • Yoda style newborn photography baby hat crochet clothing set knitted
    • Newborn baby boy girl clothing set short sleeve top romper + long pant heat 3 pcs outfit
    • Little monsters short sleeve 2 pcs baby boy clothes
    • Nyan cat baby boy romper spring autumn infant Goku long-sleeves toddler jumpsuit
    • Cute newborn infant baby girls whale print warm romper jumpsuit clothes

    Trendiest baby outfits

    Need some ideas on the baby outfits? We have put together some of the trendiest outfits for boys and girls so that you don’t have to. Here are some top choices for you:

    • 2018 autumn baby boy clothes long sleeve top + pants + hat 3pcs sport suit baby clothing set
    • Baby boy romper superman long sleeve with smock Halloween Christmas costume gift
    • Newborn cotton printed long-sleeved T-shirt + pants + cap kids 3 pcs suit
    • Newborn infant romper bodysuit outfit clothing romper outfits
    • Toddler girls cotton butterfly T-shirt + pants suit set baby girls long sleeve clothing set
    • Winter spring floral and striped print hooded top with pocket pant cotton 2pcs tracksuit
    • 100% cotton cartoon underwear baby’s sets gift box
    • Lovable unisex baby suits/3-piece set baby bodysuit + long pants + cute hat

    Storing the baby clothes

    Baby clothes need to be stored carefully for extended usability. Below tips will help you extend the life of your babywear items.

    • Wash the clothes and treat any stains. Separate into each size/gender and ensure that the clothes are completely dry before you put them into the labeled containers.
    • Don’t give away your baby’s pants too early as they might be reused as your baby grows. A one- year-old’s pant can be used again when he is out of his nappies at two and wearing undies instead.
    • At times, the baby clothing might appear yellowed when you pull them out of storage. Don’t be stressed as they just need a wash, overnight soak or little exposure to the sun to be as good as new again.

    Baby clothing doesn’t get dirty before they grow to crawl or start eating extras. Clothing for infants and toddlers has low amortization, so you can also consider giving them to someone in need.

    Blending design with quality

    Our babywear collection features designs that you will simply love. Their super comfy fabrics with elastic waists allow for easy dressing. Our range of babywear collection of toddler clothes includes:

    • Rompers
    • Jumpsuits
    • Pants
    • Hoodies
    • Outfits
    • Socks and Shoes

    Fly Baby Wear has a vast collection of highly comfortable, easy-clean and easy-wear online baby wear that are so cutely designed that you will want to keep them tiny forever.

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