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    Baby Outfits- Important Factors to Consider When Buying Newborn Clothes

    Baby Outfits- Important Factors to Consider When Buying Newborn Clothes

    Baby Outfits- Important Factors to Consider When Buying Newborn Clothes

    If you do not know what you are looking for, choosing baby clothes is a difficult task. Do not worry anymore, as this article will give you advice on buying cheap baby clothes, especially if you are doing it for the first time, or want to know what to do for a new born baby.

    Babies have different designs, styles and sizes. Following tips will be helpful for you in choosing the right babywear. You can choose to buy from a physical store or an online store as per your choice.

    When buying baby clothes, you must know how to correctly identify high quality clothing. Admittedly, the market is  saturated  with small, irresistible newborn clothing, but many of the clothing are  fast production without focusing on quality. Low-quality clothing will not stand the test of time. In addition, poor quality baby clothes may cause discomfort to your child and could be a hazard to their safety. . By buying the highest quality apparel for your newborn, you are making a reasonable investment  in your child's safety, comfort and appearance. In this Consumer Buying Guide, you will learn some basic strategies for successfully identifying high quality newborn clothing.

    Steps to buy cheap baby boy and baby and girls cloth

    Evaluate the seams

    The first step in determining the quality of the equipment you buy is to take time to evaluate the seams in the baby wear. When looking at the seams, make sure that they fit together closely. If you observe the seams and notice loosening of the thread and broken pins, it means that you have poor quality newborn clothing before you. In general, if the number of needles per inch of clothing is high, the quality of these items will be high. In addition, tight stitching is often associated with high quality components.

    However, since you are buying newborn clothing, you need to make sure that close sutures do not affect the free flow of clothing, as this may make the baby uncomfortable. High-quality clothing will have seams sewn on a single straight line. However, bilinear and / or serrated seams are considered to be stronger than single-stitched straight seams.


    When assessing the quality of a baby garment, it is important to consider the type of material that the garment is composed of. We all have our own preferences with regard to apparel materials; however, it is best to choose natural fibers and other materials that are less likely to irritate the skin of your baby and cause discomfort.. In addition, natural materials are durable easy to maintain as well Linen, wool, cotton, and silk are considered ideal for baby clothes.

    Babywear clothing made of nylon, acetate,   or polyester are not preferred  as their fabric may irritate the skin of your new born The quality of natural and synthetic materials is high, so  parents prefer them for babywear clothing Natural materials are the first choice of the  parents.

    Evaluate lining

    In general, baby clothing has special liners or other types of reinforcements to increase the durability of the garment and optimize the comfort of the child who is about to wear the garment. In order to ensure high quality clothing for your newborn, it is important to take time to understand and / or evaluate the lining on the garment. You should pay special attention to the areas that are considered highly used, such as zippers and buttons.

    Choose newborn baby clothes that are slightly larger


    It is also important to ensure the lining is thick and at the same time provides warmth and protection to the babies in their clothes. If the lining is thick and strong, , your newborn’s clothing will be of high quality too

    If you are interested in buying cheap yet high quality baby outfits,, browse through the extensive babywear collection of our store. We offer a wide range of newborn baby clothing set, baby clothes and accessories.

    Keep the below points in mind while choosing babywear for your newborn:

    • Choose according to your baby's needs: Newborn babies do not need to go out in the first few months. They usually only go out for medical examination and vaccination. So, your baby does not need fancy clothes as yet. All they need is sleepers and pajamas, which will make them comfortable, safe and warm. Carefully check the items for damage and loose buttons.
    • Adequate head space: Most babies are annoyed with something on their head.. Choose the babywear clothing with wide head space so that you can easily put on and take off clothes from your baby.
    • Choose crotch buttoned clothes: This will prove useful in changing diapers quickly during the night.
    • Choose clothes made of good and comfortable materials: Baby's skin is sensitive and gentle. Check the labels and seams as these may irritate the skin of your baby. Check if the inside stitch is smooth or not.
    • Easy to wash: One of the tedious tasks of having children is to wash clothes. This is why you have to choose clothes that do not give too much trouble in laundry.
    • , Buy season appropriate clothing: Buy clothing for your baby which is best for the season you wish to put them on your baby.
    • Larger size clothing: Choose baby clothes that are slightly larger than the baby's size. Babies grow rapidly during infancy, and may soon outgrow their clothing.

    Baby clothes come in many designs, styles and colors. You can increase the baby's personal style by combining names and letters. Baby clothes are one of the essentials in your baby’s life. Follow the simple tips mentioned above and do not make mistakes to get baby clothes.

    Buying baby clothes in the right way means you're less likely to buy expensive garments that have little utility for your baby. . Be selective in choosing a babywear to ensure that it provides the look, comfort and convenience you need. Here are five tips to help you buy baby clothes and get the best price / performance ratio.


    Baby clothes vary in size from manufacturer to manufacturer, so we do not have a clear size guide here. The newborn’s size is generally zero, but this is actually a fairly small size, unless your baby's body weight is less than average, The best advice is to pre-purchase a size of 000 and then purchase additional supplies if you need a size of 0000 after birth. Prior to purchase, check the weight and height of the standard label (average birth weight is 3.5 kg).



     Your newborn can benefit from 100% combed cotton or 100% organic cotton clothing. This is especially useful for babies under 12 months of age as their skin is very sensitive. Once your baby gets older, try different mixtures to see which one is most comfortable and valuable.

     Easy to put on and off Apparel with zippers and buttons are very useful, but they could be potential hazard to your newborn as they get rashes from these items. Some of the easier clothes include a neck-neck or magnetic snap on the crotch that make it quick to change diapers.

    Simple shape

    . Choose simple clothing for your baby that doesn’t have much decorative items. Avoid the clothing with objects such as bows and tulle. Trendy baby apparel come in a variety of colors and patterns, some of the most popular options include purple, light green and orange for girls, purple and blue for boys.

    In addition, make sure that the selected product is free of irritating dyes or chemicals that are often added during the manufacturing process. Prewash your babywear before putting them on your baby to prevent irritation and allergies due to chemicals.

    Elastic waist

     Choose elastic waist pants so that you can easily put on and take off them from your baby. Small panties are easier to manage than clothes with drawstrings or buttons.

    In addition, buying a piece of clothing that is too large can help compensate for the baby's rapid growth. Anything too big can be rolled up until the next growth eruption of your baby. A six-month-old baby can easily wear clothes for 9 to 12 months while a one-year-old baby does not have any problems getting dressed in older baby sizes of 1.5 yeas

    Real bargains

    . Look at cheap items that can be found in used baby clothe stores. These garments are as good as new, which makes them cost-effective. To learn more about baby clothes or newborn baby clothes, check out our babywear collection.

    As a prospective parent or new parent, you may soon find yourself awed by the sheer volume of baby clothes and other types of newborn clothing available in the markets today. These clothing - often are decorated with laces, ribbons, animals and child-friendly prints, and are hard to resist. While it is tempting to fill your child's closest fashion with the most expensive designs, you should resist this temptation.

    For newborn baby clothes, you have more to consider than brand names associated with the product. Although designer clothes are often made of the highest quality and safest materials in the manufacturing process, this is not always the case. So here, we are providing other important factors to consider when buying newborn clothing.


    When buying baby clothes, make sure that the clothing is made of the finest materials.  Do not compromise on quality for the sake of designing. Comfort and quality are of utmost importance for your baby as they hardly care for design. What we mean by high-quality materials is that it should be able to withstand the constant changes associated with newborns. High quality material is durable and does not show physical signs of fake architecture. While certain design may instantly appeal to you, nevertheless, you must make sure that you are buying high quality products that are long lasting.


    Companies that make baby clothes know that parents find it hard to reject an attractive set of dresses, pants or pajamas. It is your responsibility to ensure that the clothes you choose for your baby provide the highest level of comfort to them. There are two basic facts to keep in mind when buying baby clothes for newborns. Firstly, newborns grow at a fast rate. Secondly, the baby spends most of their time sleeping. In some cases, the baby may sleep for eighteen hours in twenty-four hours.

     So, well-designed clothing will optimize your baby’s comfort. When a newborn feels comfortable, they enjoy resting while the whole family is more peaceful. Choose from designer clothes, animal prints, and more stylish clothes made of high-quality materials, but make sure that the design is such that your baby feels comfortable wearing the clothing.

     Best babywear collection for you If you are buying infant baby clothes, consider buying a collection that is of good quality and also looks attractive You can shop for babywear collections consisting of animals, butterflies birds, car pictures, dinosaurs, dragons etc. , You can also consider buying robotic clothing.

    Babywear are an effective way to dress your baby in best ways. Follow the steps outlined in this Consumer Guide and you will find it an exciting endeavor to choose baby clothes. You will certainly be able to find high quality, comfortable and attractive newborn clothing for your baby.

    If you   want high quality, comfortable and attractive clothing for your baby, browse Fly Baby Wear online store to get top quality babywear for your toddler.


    Baby Boy Urban Clothing and Gender Neutral Toddler Wear Ideas for Every Season

    Baby Boy Urban Clothing and Gender Neutral Toddler Wear Ideas for Every Season

    Between feeding, burping and cuddling your baby, the foremost thing you would want to worry about is to shop for babywear clothing. However, once you are clear about how and what to buy from a baby clothes online shop, you will be able choose best baby boy urban clothing for your infant to keep him in utmost comfort and style.

    Baby wearing is essentially the practice of keeping your baby in safe and comforting clothing.  You need to be careful of choosing a baby clothes online shop from where you can shop for the clothes for your baby that promote bonding and make caregiving easy for the parents and other caregivers.

    With right collection of baby boy urban clothing and baby girl urban clothing, even the most harried diaper change will go smoothly for you.

    Some points to keep in mind

    Make sure that the baby jacket buttons are in the front as babies spend most of their time lying down, and inappropriately positioned buttons will cause discomfort to them. If you feel that buttons and other attached details are loose, pull them up or simply cut off them, else you may soon find them in your baby’s mouth or nose.  

    Look for the fasteners that close easily. Avoid zippers as they tend to pinch and cause problem to you and your baby especially if you are in a hurry to dress up your cute baby.

    You need not buy a lot for your newborn as babies quickly outgrow their size.

    Here are some of the newborn babywear clothing collections available on the Fly Baby Wear that you can choose from to dress your cute and lovely baby in affordable price with high quality fabric:

    • Baby boy rompers pure cotton newborn baby clothes gentleman style bow tie jumpsuit toddler boys clothing
    • Baby boy spring gentleman printed clothing sets suit newborn baby dinosaur T-shirt + superstar trousers set formal party
    • Autumn baby boy girl clothes long sleeve top + pants 2 pcs sport suit baby clothing set newborn infant clothing
    • Cartoon dinosaur design hooded baby rompers newborn clothing cotton long sleeve jumpsuits boys girls outwear costume baby gift

    How cotton makes for the best choice

    Babies have very sensitive skin and so some experts recommend all cotton for them. Cotton is preferred   for baby boy urban clothing and for that matter for baby girl and toddler clothing for a variety of reasons such as:

    • Cotton helps in good sleep of the baby as it allows the baby’s skin to breathe naturally and doesn’t trap the heat.
    • Cotton is a highly versatile fabric and can be woven or knitted into different fabric types such as Chambray, Velour and Corduroy.
    • Cotton breathes better than oil-based synthetic. Moisture-wicking cotton is specially designed to keep your baby drier in summers.
    • Cotton looks good and feels even better
    • Cotton is soft, breathable and absorbent, so it won’t cause any itching or irritation to your baby’s soft skin.
    • Cotton is a lot of things but definitely isn’t clinging. So, if you are looking for cling free baby boy urban clothing, choose for babywear clothing made of soft cotton for your toddler
    • Since cotton is breathable and doesn’t retain odor like oil-based fabrics, it facilities more wear and less wash. It will help save your money and energy in washing the clothing, and so the fabric will last for longer too.
    • Cotton is easier to wash and care for compared to most of other fabric types. Almost all cotton types are machine washable, so you can have the machine do all the dirty job for you, freeing you for more time to look after your baby’s needs.

    Some of the top quality cotton babywear clothing available for baby girl, baby boy, infant, toddler and newborn available at the Fly Baby Wear include the below ones:

    • Baby clothing set boy cotton long sleeve romper + pants + caps 3 pcs infant bebe boys clothes set toddler baby suits
    • New autumn baby boy clothes cotton long sleeve deer hoodie coat + pants kids 2 pcs suit baby boy clothing sets infant clothing
    • Boutique kids clothes summer baby boy clothes Mickey toddler boys clothing sets new children cotton suit T-shirt
    • Baby girls boys suits clothes spring/autumn 100% cotton striped baby girls set children clothing sets girls clothing

    Real advantage of cotton

    The real advantage of 100% cotton fabric is their smoothness as they have finer drape, are more breathable and feel better on the soft and tender skin of your lovely baby. However, the quality of the fabric will depend on a number of factors such as how cotton was grown, milled, finished and woven.

    Nevertheless, some soft cotton blend fabrics also work pretty well on many babies. Blending cotton with other fabrics allows the manufacturers to make dressing for sale through baby clothes online shop that are more breathable, stronger and attractive looking too. Blended cotton provides lustrous shine and texture to a babywear outfit that would not be possible to achieve otherwise with a pure cotton outfit or dressing. Cotton blending also helps in hiding or improving the weakness of cotton fibers, like pilling and fuzziness.  Being a strong fiber, cotton provides strength to weaker fabric such as rayon when blended with it.

    Choices for you in fleece hoodies

    Soft and snuggly, your little one will be cute and cozy in a hooded fleece jumpsuit. Throw in a hat and shoes, and your toddler will be ready for the winter chill. Some choices for you available at the Fly Baby Wear include:

    • Baby boys spider man fleece hoodies/kids winter warm cartoon outwear
    • Newborn baby clothes polar fleece infant baby rompers boy and girl long sleeve winter romper overalls baby clothing set
    • Baby winter clothes girl boy romper warm Russian baby winter jumpsuit skiing outwear clothing colorful snowsuit
    • New baby boy clothes children baby girls long sleeve hooded tops floral pants 2 pcs clothing set
    • Newborn toddler kids baby boys clothes set tops hoodie warm + long pants casual hoodies baby outfits set autumn winter


    Newborn coming home outfits

    There are plenty of gender-neutral newborn coming home outfits available at the Fly Baby Wear. Here are some of them worth considering:

    • Newborn infant baby girl boy stripe lighting print warm romper jumpsuit clothes set autumn winter warm long sleeve baby romper
    • New fashion baby boy girl clothing set cotton letter long sleeved T- shirt + striped pants baby clothing set
    • 0 -24M newborn baby boy girl clothes jumpsuit long sleeve infant solid turtleneck baby rompers

    Useful safety notes

    Avoid choking hazards: Ensure that the baby clothing you decide to purchase from baby clothes online shop isn’t a choking hazard to your baby. These hazards include flowers, buttons, hooks and appliques.  Always prefer babywear clothing that doesn’t has all these extras.  Reputed babywear manufactures avoid all these decorations in their babywear collection but smaller companies and home-made clothing may have them. In case you get babywear clothing with such decorations, make sure that they are not loose and firmly attached.

    Avoid clothing with decorations: Go for newborn and infant clothing that doesn’t have any or only few pleats, tulle and other decorations around the collar of your babywear outfit. Embroidery on the chest that feels bumpy should also be avoided as it can cause rashes on the delicate skin of your newborn.

    Be watchful of loops: Watch for dangling threads and loops, such as those in socks and pockets. All these extras could easily ensnare your baby’s fingers and toes.

    Flame retardant sleepwear: Sleepwear should be flame resistant to protect your baby from accidental burns. Babies less than 9 months of age can be made to sleep in wearable blankets or swaddles. Labels on your baby’s sleepwear will tell you whether it needs to be worn snuggly or if the fabric itself is flame-retardant. Babywear with flame-retardant properties have special washing instructions to keep the retardant from washing away. Follow the washing instructions correctly while washing such clothing as if they are washed incorrectly, the babywear fabric may lose its fire retarding properties and effectiveness.

    Check for recalled products: Millions of garments including those from the babywear collection have been recalled in recent years due to their failure to meet safety standards for baby wear. Visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website to get the details of recent product recalls by the commission. Make sure that your baby clothes online shop isn’t selling baby boy urban clothing and other babywear collection products for cheap that have earlier been put on recall list.

    Next, we come to some important tips to dress up a newborn.

    Dressing a wigging newborn

    This could really be a bit of struggle for you if you do not do it correctly.  Below pointers will help you to dress your newborn in a simple and easy way.

    • Choose a babywear dressing with wide necks or snaps on the necks. You can easily put on such a dressing on your baby without causing them discomfort.
    • Snaps and zippers in the front of your babywear clothing would allow for easy putting on and taking off compared to those clothing having them in the back.
    • Select babywear clothing with loose sleeves as they are easier to put on and take off.
    • Snaps at the crotch allow you to easily change diapers as you won’t have to take off all the clothes worn by your baby to do a diaper change.
    • If you select the clothing that needs to be pulled over your head, do it quickly as your baby will get panicked when they don’ see you or their breathing is blocked because of your activities.

    Prewash your babywear collection

    New clothing is often washed in chemicals by the manufacturers to provide a crispier feel to the fabric material. While your newborn is unlikely to suffer from any serious reaction to unwashed clothing, they could still have skin irritation or develop a minor rash. Skin of the babies is so tender and soft that any dirt gathered during the shopping process can cause discomfort to them. So, as a precautionary measure, wash your baby boy urban clothing and other items of your babywear collection before putting them on your baby.

    At Fly Baby Wear, we have brought up some of the finest collection in babywear for your, including clothing for infants, newborn, toddlers, baby boys and baby girls. All our products have been made by the reputed manufacturers who make use of the best quality fabric so that your baby would feel comfortable wearing them for long, allowing you to attend other important tasks as your baby enjoys their playful activities in these highly comfortable clothing.

    A wide selection of babywear clothing for you

    You can choose from a wide selection of rompers, jumpsuits, hoodies, dresses, jackets, baby boy T-shits, baby girl T-shirts, outfits, leggings and a lot more from the Fly Baby Wear. All our products are competitively priced and we keep refreshing our stocks with the latest in babywear items so that you always have access to the trendiest babywear items while shopping at the Fly Baby Wear.

    We regularly come up with the best fit clothing for your babies to meet the demands of various seasons such as winter, summer and autumn.  To make the celebrations a real joy for you and your baby, we also feature the clothing for various festivities such as first birthday, Christmas, New Year and Halloween. You would surely like to have plenty of pictures and videos of your lovely baby dressed in our trendiest babywear.

    Hassle free shipping to your doorsteps

    Multiple online payment options are available for our customers, and we ensure that you have a hassle-free shopping experience with us. No matter whether it’s a Baby Blanket, Baby Monitor, Doll Accessories, Night Light Lamp Motion or some other item that you are looking for, you are most likely to find it at the Fly Baby Wear online store.  We provide free shipping on all orders within the USA. Your ordered babywear products will be delivered to you in the quickest time possible in a nicely and carefully packed packaging so that you get your ordered products in perfectly good condition when you receive them.

    Browse our baby clothes online shop, and you will have more ideas to dress your baby in cuter ways, making them the center of attraction for all.

    International Shipping: How to Ship Your Products to Any Country

    International Shipping: How to Ship Your Products to Any Country

    It’s really hard to believe how rapidly the world is shrinking nowadays. Isn’t it? People can easily travel the whole world almost in the span of a single day, messages can be sent instantly between countries, and sending packages overseas via international shipping has become easier and more affordable for all.

    Today, majority of the ecommerce retailers sell globally. However, some retailers, especially SMBs (small and medium businesses), stay away from selling and sending beyond their own countries or borders, possibly due to some logistical and other related concerns such as international shipping. But, sending the products or goods outside the country shouldn’t be a barrier to expand your business globally.  

    How to Ship Your Goods Internationally:

    Documentation to Destination

    Shipping products internationally is much easier than most people think. Some simple online processes can guide you to create international shipment as well as generate the documents (customs) as you go.

    You can also reuse product details and saved addresses from previous international shipments. It gets easier and faster the more and more you ship.

    Before You Actually Begin

    Accuracy is certainly the “key”. You can avoid regular customs delays by managing these crucial details when you are ready to start.

    Contact Information

    There can be some additional questions or information prior to delivering the goods, so you need to make sure to provide correct email addresses and phone numbers for both, the receiver and the shipper.

    Description of Goods

    You need to be specific about the products of your shipment such as what it is; the materials the good is made from; what it is used for; and the country of origin. For example, organic cotton baby t-shirts; size - large; origin - the United States. These important details reduce the risk of holds for impacting delivery or customs delays and enable more comprehensive documentation. 

    Value of Goods

    You need to enter the purchase price on the unit basis of the goods being shipped. However, the price should be in the purchase currency.

    Why Should You Ship the Products to Other Countries?

    Commitment for shipping your goods internationally requires preparation for it. It’s quite challenging, but not a bigger challenge than starting your business. Some online retailers in the United States hesitate to ship their goods to some other countries just because they feel the expenses may outweigh their expected revenue. However, it’s certainly a wrong concept.

    If you take a well-researched decision, you can easily reach to your customers all over the world and become successful in it.

    Are you interested to learn the procedures of international shipping? Well, please read on!

    Part One: Products and Packaging

    Ensure That the Product is Shippable

    You’re definitely aware of your domestic shipments and the package restrictions for it. However, when it comes to international shipping, size and weight limits will often vary from country to country.

    There are different product categories that the certain carriers don’t transport internationally. For example, FedEx doesn’t ship fine jewelry to another country. And you cannot ship nail polish internationally via USPS.

    On top of that, all the countries have some specific restrictions on certain products or goods. For instance, you cannot ship any type of playing cards to Spain, Greece, or Denmark. At the same time, you cannot send eyeglasses to Uruguay or bells to Italy.      

    Prepare Your Packages for Passage

    Mailer tube, envelope and each box you ship are going to have a number of stops on the way to the ultimate destination. However, majority of the domestic purchases have only a few temporary stops before reaching to the destination. There can be different types of travelling such as boats, trucks, plane, etc., in international orders. So, it’s important to put extra effort during packaging in cross-border shipments.          

    You need to evaluate the fragility, value, and weight of the products of each and every package. It’s important to remember that powders and liquids require special packing for shipping overseas. Check out whether the goods have any packaging requirements and fulfil international regulations.

    The goods of the customer undertake a long journey, so it’s essential to make a safe reach.

    Part Two: Taxes, Documentation, and Duties

    VAT (Value Added Tax) and Duties

    VAT (Value Added Tax) - also known as GST (Goods and Services Tax), is a fee that sellers and merchants are imposed or charged on  international sales. The amount is calculated using a percentage (fixed) for all types of contents and every international shipment. You can consider the amount as a sales tax. You’re already aware that total VAT varies significantly between countries.

    A duty - also popularly known as a tariff, it’s a must pay for  tax retailers for cross-border selling. Like Value Added Tax (VAT),  countries use different percentages to calculate their duties. But, instead of using a set, single percentage, duties are often calculated based on the quantity and value of the contents being imported plus any insurance and the cost of shipping.

    There are basically two types of duties: DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) and DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid). The merchant is liable for all applicable fees and duties with DDP. The merchant receives a bill as the total amount is paid upfront by its carrier.

    In the case of DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid), the recipient (i.e. your customer) must pay the duty.

    In the case of DDU, the customer (i.e. your recipient) must pay its duty. If you decide to go with the DDU route, please make sure it’s clearly shown on the checkout page.

    Tips: A few countries impose only Value Added Tax (VAT), others charge only duties and a majority of countries apply neither.

    You’ve to determine how much  VAT and duties a country would  impose on your total costs. If you can calculate the financial impact of it, you will able to determine  and adjust the prices for customers in those specific countries. Additionally, you will realize whether it’s worth to sell to those countries or not.

    Required Documents for Customs

    1. Commercial Invoice

    You can use  commercial invoice to evaluate the value of goods (goods can be baby boy urban clothing, or anything else), and calculate taxes,  customs and duties. The document needs to list some specific information such as name and address of the recipient; name and address of the retailer; terms of payment and sale; item quantities, prices and descriptions; and mode of the transport.

    2. Export Packing List

    A cross-border shipment is more comprehensive type of a domestic or local shipment packaging list. An export and international shipment packing list specifies the carrier information, mode of transport, and the quantity, dimensions, weight, and the types of packages in the shipment in addition to the standard details included on a regular packing list.

    3. Certificate of Origin

    It confirms the country where goods in shipment were manufactured, produced, and obtained. The certificate must be signed by the retailer and it may be certified by Chamber of Commerce (local) in some cases.

    Part Three: Comparison of Shipping Carriers  

    For U.S. merchants, there are 4 prime carriers which  are: DHL USPS, FedEx, and UPS. These carriers have their own specific key advantages described below in brief:

    DHL: The carrier is expert in international shipping and customs

    USPS: Offeers generally a cheaper international shipping option for ecommerce

    FedEx: The carrier specializes in urgent and relatively shorter period delivery options for merchants, such as 2-3 day delivery and next-day

    UPS: The service provider has offices in almost all the countries, which means the carrier can manage international shipping from the warehouse of the merchants straight through to the customers

    As you determine the options, consider two things: 1) What is actually non-negotiable, and 2) Which points you are ready to compromise on. If you realize your flexibility in some aspects such as delivery speed and costs, you may easily choose the most suitable carrier for your business.  

    International shipping is growing day-by-day and countless packages are being delivered across borders every day. Here is a list of the points that you need to know when you go for international shipping.

    Know Who You Are Shipping to

    It sounds like a no-brainier and not necessary, but it’s important. Fraudsters are everywhere and they can conduct scam from any country. They sometimes use email to build up relationship with  merchants, but they don’t have any intention to reimburse or perform work as per agreement. Many international scams occur via wiring money, and they want to get involved with tangible items as well.

    Know What You Are Shipping

     Certain products may seem to be acceptable or harmless for domestic shipping, but carriers such as FedEx, DHL USPS, and UPS have specific regulations that they must follow for international shipping.

    A common instance is lithium powered electronic devices. You can send multiple laptops through some services domestically, but you can send only four cells or two batteries internationally. However, these batteries should be installed in the devices they supply power to. A small cactus can be another example. You may ship it domestically, but you may not be able to ship them internationally. However, everything depends on the specific countries you ship to.

     Know from your carrier about the eligibility of goods for shipping

    Every country has its own regulations, so each country has its own list of products and what items they will accept. For example, you can rarely ship used clothing to Mexico. Sometimes shipment depends on where the product was manufactured or produced that might stop it from entering the desired country. The political situation also can be another variable.

    There are many variables, and it’s really difficult to track all of them. So, how can you be sure that the items will be delivered to the intended country? Well, this is quite difficult, so it’s essential to discuss with the carrier you’re using for shipping internationally. The shipping carriers have all the required paperwork and updated records for shipping your package.

    Know About Your Documentation

    Different products need different kinds of papers.  Commercial invoice is the most common among them. A comprehensive list of the receiver, sender, list of items as well as country of origin and value should be included in the paperwork.   

    SED (Shipper’s Export Declaration): This document is essential when the value of the customs exceeds $2,500 or you should have an export license for it. You will also require this document if the package is subject to ITAR (International Traffic and Arms Regulations). However, you can be exempted from  license requirements in case of sending rough diamonds (HTS 7102.31, 7102.21 and 7102.10). If you want to ship  to Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Libya, Serbia (not Kosovo), North Korea and Sudan, you will require filling out that form.

    US Census Bureau controls the regulations for the Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) and it regularly updates it. You can find a complete list of its requirements and regular updates from different online portals.

    NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) Certificate of Origin: This agreement is applicable for the shipments between the US, Mexico, and Canada. You will require NAFTA document if you send goods to these countries and the customs value of the items exceeds $1,000.

    EEI (Electronic Export Information): EEI document is needed when the merchants ship electronics and the customs value of the items exceeds $2,500.

    Compare About the Payment When Ship Internationally

    There are different options when you ship overseas. It’s essential to know about the price of different services as there are several providers. The major carriers are DHL, USPS, FedEx, and UPS. DHL is expert in international shipping and customs. USPS is a cheaper international shipping option for eCommerce.   FedEx specializes in urgent and relatively shorter period delivery options for merchants, such as 2-3 day delivery and next-day.  UPS has offices in almost all the countries, which means the carrier can manage international shipping from the warehouse of the merchants straight through to the customers.

    International shipping is quite challenging, but you don’t need to be worried about it. You can find the best international shipping providers by searching online. There are many reputed service providers everywhere, so it’s important to find the most suitable one for you. Wishing you to find the right service provider for your needs!

    Happy shipping!

    Give Your Little One a Treat with Trendiest Halloween Ideas and Baby Costumes

    Give Your Little One a Treat with Trendiest Halloween Ideas and Baby Costumes

    With a little one in your house, your life is already full of fun, excitement and thrill. Halloween with your baby opens up a whole world of fun activities, enthusiasm and delights. It’s your baby’s first Halloween, and you would certainly like to make it outstanding for them, or may be better than their first birthday! There couldn’t be a better occasion than Halloween to dress your baby in the most adorable clothing to enjoy the festivities.

    So, here we have come up with some ideas for Halloween baby costumes to dress your little one for Halloween. By implementing these ideas, you would be able to dress your baby in the most attractive Halloween costume and make her or him the center of attraction of the activities in your home and neighbourhood.

    Baby Halloween costume ideas

    • Since it’s your baby’s first Halloween, they will have many more years to walk around sporting the trendiest babywear costumes and outfits. Dress your baby in a colorful outfit available with the Fly Baby Wear, like “Newly cosplay Halloween baby sleeveless jumpsuit with pumpkin print” to let everyone ooh and ahh over them.
    • Babies are messy and you need to keep the spit ups in mind while browsing an online store for Halloween clothing ideas and collection. So, go for a cartoon colored romper such as “Newborn baby boy girl romper sleeveless 0 neck cotton clothes toddler kids jumpsuit” that is inexpensive too.
    • The costumes with a couple of jungle animals including woodland creatures would be the right choice for the occasion.

    At Fly Baby Wear, we have come up with some really trendy Halloween outfits that will literally allow your cute baby to freely hang out while giving you space to enjoy the festivities. You can go for:

    • “Baby boy romper superman long sleeve with smock Halloween Christmas costume” to dress you little one in the trendiest Halloween costume.
    • You can also consider some cute kitty ears, such as “Cute babe bunny rompers newborn infant baby girl boy rabbit 3D ear warm hooded rompers jumpsuit” that will go perfectly well with their normal clothes.

    With our inspirational Halloween clothing ideas & collection, everyone little in your family would certainly enjoy a lot of fun and trick-or-treating experiences on Halloween festivities. Even if your baby isn’t the old enough for trick-or-treating, you can let him or her to be the part of festivities and make them the center of attraction by properly dressing them with trendy Halloween outfits.

    Dressing for Halloween costume parade

    See your local newspaper if there is costume parade in your town and don’t forget to take your baby there. You will be inspired for more Halloween babywear ideas by taking your baby to the parade. You may find other babies dressed with pictures of animals and cartoons that kids love so much. Ensure that the babywear for Halloween should be fun that your baby will like to wear, it should not be too scary for them.

    Choosing the right clothing for your baby

    Just like your baby, the babywear you choose for them need to be chosen after careful considerations related to their safety and comfort. Your baby will need different clothing for different seasons, and you also need to ensure that you do not end by stocking too many of them as the baby grows quite fast and the clothing may become unfit for them just after few months. So, buy loose clothes for the baby so that they could be used for long.

     Here are some more ideas on babywear clothing for you:

    • Choose loose fitting sleeves such as “New baby girl hooded romper long sleeve X print striped toddler kids jumpsuit” so that your hand easily fits underneath to push the baby’s arm through.
    • The baby costumes for Halloween that you choose shouldn’t have strings or knot ups to wrap around the neck.
    • Buy a babywear in which your baby will feel comfortable to sleep, as this is the activity that the newborn does most of the time.
    • Avoid the outfits and costumes that you have to pull over your baby’s head unless the opening is made very wide. Such a clothing will not only be a struggle for you to put on your baby but you also run the risk of scratching the chubby cheeks of your baby while dressing her.
    • While buying for the newborn, choose light colors that go pretty well with breast milk and formula burps.
    • Buy something that is appropriate for the current season.

    Some of the great buys for your newborn available with Fly Baby Wear are listed below:

    • Baby girls long sleeve jumpsuits baby boys infant rompers ruffles princess girl sweet knitted overalls.
    • Baby boy rompers pure cotton newborn baby clothes gentleman style bow tie jumpsuit toddler boys clothing.
    • New baby boy spring gentleman printed clothing sets suit newborn baby dinosaur shirt + suspender trousers set.
    • Go for a sleepwear that is fire retardant.
    • Stay away from the costumes, outfits and dresses with decorative stones and buttons as these could be the potential choking risks for your baby.
    • Always prefer clothing that has a layer of fabric between the baby and zipper as it will save them from the discomfort of wearing the clothing for long.

    Finding a correct babywear for your child could be a tricky part, especially those up to one year old as babies in this age group grow quite fast and need the clothes that would not irritate their tender skin. The clothing should also be devoid of any attachments that could harm the baby or put them into some dangerous situation. The below ideas on babywear would help you in getting the best babywear of your toddler.

    What to buy for 0 to 3 month old babies

    Your newborn will spend pretty much of their time in crying, looking around or just sleeping. They have little control over their movements, and their sucking and rooting reflexes are strongest at this stage of growth. That being clear, you need to choose your newborn babywear keeping certain points in mind, such as the ones described below. 

    You need not buy socks as at this age as they fall often quite often. Instead, go for the trousers with feet, such as “Newborn baby clothes polar fleece infant baby rompers boy and girl long sleeve winter romper overalls.”

    Choose your newborn clothing that has no large buttons or uncomfortable seams.

    The trousers that can be opened at the bottom for easy change of diapers without the need of undressing the baby make for a great choice as you will be able to change the diapers without causing discomfort to your newborn.

    Go for the clothes without hoods and collars so that your newborn feels comfortable wearing them.  

    Choose the costumes made of soft clothes that need not be pulled over the head of your newborn.

    3 to 6 month baby clothes

    At this age, your baby will become very curious. They start rolling over and may be able to sit up with support. You still need to have soft clothing for babywear as she or he still does a lot of lying down. So, go for the clothing that provides utmost comfort to your baby. Below tips will certainly help you in choosing the best clothing for your infant.

    As the sucking and rooting reflexes begin to slowly disappear during this growth stage of your baby, you can go for the clothing with collars and hoods.

    Fly Baby Wear has the below options in hoodies for you to choose from:
    • Toddler kids clothes newborn baby boys girl 3D hooded tops sweatshirt + striped pants outfit.
    • Newborn infant baby boy girl clothes warm long sleeves hooded romper fashion babes suit
    • New baby hoy clothes children baby girls long sleeve hooded tops floral pants

    Moreover, you can now go for onesies as well that could be pulled over the head as your baby becomes steadier and pulling over the head wouldn’t be much of a discomfort for them.

    Tights can make for the right choice for baby girls that can be combined with a short skirt or soft dress.

    Clothes for 6 to 9 month old babies

    By this age, your infant should be able to scoot over the floor. They can figure out how to move over, left or right, forward or backward. Below clothing types would be best buy for your infant of this age:
    • The clothing should not have trousers with feet to allow for easy scooting on the floor by your baby.
    • Shirts will go pretty well at this growth stage of your baby.
    • The trousers should be accompanied with a soft waist to allow for maximized mobility of your baby.

    Non-slipper shoes with soft soles would help your baby in practicing walking. Below shoe options available with us would make for the right pick in babywear shoes for you.

    New coral velvet warm newborn baby socks kids soft non-slip with rubber soles socks for infant boy girl.

    100% cotton baby socks newborns candy male female kid’s children socks baby boy and girl short floor socks.

    Unisex lovely cute cartoon fox kids baby socks knee girl boy baby toddler socks animal infant soft cotton socks. These could be worn by your baby on Halloween too.

    Clothing choices for 9 to 12 month old toddlers

    Your baby will start crawling on their hands and knees by now. You need not have onesie as such to make them feel comfortable in them. While choosing from toddler babywear collection, keep the following considerations in mind:
    • Your baby might have one or more sharp teeth in each of their joys by this age. So, avoid the clothing with buttons as it will tempt them to chew the buttons and thus harm themselves in doing this activity.
    • Choose bright or dark clothes so that they do not get dirty as your baby tries to learn to feed himself or herself.
    • Clothes should be easily washable in the warm water.

    Keeping the above points in mind while shopping for your newborn’s and toddler’s clothing would go a long way in getting the best costume for your cute baby.

    Don’t forget to capture images of your baby in Halloween costumes

    Don’t forget to miss the photo ops amidst the festivities and shopping for Halloween baby wear. Your baby will surely admire their pictures in those amazing Halloween costumes when grown up. Even if you are not the kind of a person who would go it all out to make the occasion a grand festivity, you may still want to deck your front stoop in pumpkins that would be a perfect backdrop to capture images of your lovely baby in Halloween costumes. Or you may rather prefer to head to a pumpkin patch with your baby in tow for an adorable photo op that you would certainly like to cherish for long.

    Halloween get-together for kiddos

    If you want something cuter and engrossing for your little one on the occasion, you can have a group of babies for a mini get-together, all dressed in the trendiest baby costumes for Halloween. Watching your little one interacting with other kiddos would be something that you would certainly admire. With a Halloween playlist playing, you can have the most fun moments for all the babies. Shut off your front porch light before going to bed so that trick-or-treaters get the hint.

    Make the Halloween festivities cheerful for your baby

    Spread the Halloween craze by shopping from the Fly Baby Wear – your one stop destination for all things in babywear. You can shop for Halloween clothing ideas & collection, baby costumes for Halloween, trendy Halloween outfits, rompers, hoodies, jackets, blankets, shoes and a lot more to dress up your loveliest baby in the most comfortable babywear. All our featured babywear collection items are made with kids’ friendly soft fabric by the renowned manufacturers. We ensure that you have a hassle-free shopping experience while purchasing from the Fly Baby Wear. We ship free of cost to all locations in the USA.

    So, place your order for Halloween costume for your baby from the Fly Baby Wear and make this Halloween the most enjoyable time for them.

    Trendiest Babywear Ideas for Your Bundle of Joy

    Trendiest Babywear Ideas for Your Bundle of Joy

    Shopping for perfect babywear may not be that easy. You need to ensure that what you get for your baby is not just of the best quality but also provides them utmost comfort and supports their daily activities. You need to keep certain points in mind while shopping for comfortable babywear for your infant. Read on to know what all you need to consider while shopping for babywear, the qualities you need to look for, how to care for babywear and what all options are available to you in online babywear shopping.

    Every one of us is pretty much aware that babies spend a lot of time in sleeping, playing and eating, so choose clothing that is equally comfortable to them during their naptime and tummy time.

    Moreover, as you will have to change a lot of diapers throughout the day, choose a babywear that makes it easier for you to dress your baby and doesn’t make it more of a struggle for you.

    Also, be known that sleeping gowns tend to hike up around your baby’s tummy, so use them in conjunction with a blanket to keep your baby’s feet and legs warm.

    Comfort over design

    While shopping for online babywear, remember that comfort factor is more important than design as babies don’t care for the design. A newborn’s skin is very sensitive and can be bruised by a rough fabric. So, the babywear clothing should be made of soft and breezy fabric. Go for cotton, fleece or blended fabric that has a good absorbing capacity and feels gentle on your baby’s tender skin.

    There are plenty of options to choose from for your baby’s clothing, and it could turn out to be really hard to select the best one. So, you need to be informed of what would be right for your baby and how could you shop for a babywear that provides you value for money. So, here we have come up with some handy tips that would help you find the best urban baby clothes collection for your toddlers. Here we go:

    • Buy gender neutral baby clothes for your newborn as they aren’t going to be very dirty and won’t be worn for long. They will still be in pristine condition by the time your next baby comes along.
    • Clothes with press studs are easier to handle than buttons. These prove especially helpful at the middle of the night when you are sleep deprived and can’t hold your head up straight for changing.
    • A larger size is always good given the fast growth rate of the babies. When it comes to gifting, gift your friend/relative a larger size as she will probably already have loads of small sizes clothing for her baby.
    • Don’t buy too many shirts and pants in small sizes (0000 to 000) as your newborn’s healing umbilical cord might get into the way of their waistband.
    • Choose a newborn babywear that can be used from birth.
    • Make sure that the clothing is comfortable for the baby’s delicate skin.
    • Ensure that your newborn is able to nurse comfortably in the babywear you select for him/her.
    • You should be comfortable to get the baby into the clothing of your own.
    • Singlet suits will prevent the older babies from taking off their nappies. Tight singlet suits over cloth nappies can cause moisture to wick to the clothes, so you would rather want to have a normal singlet for your baby.

    Caring and dressing the newborn

    Newborn babies need to be kept comfortable all the time. As a thumb rule, dress your newborn in the same number of layers as you are wearing plus one extra layer for warmth in winters. Avoid wrapping the baby in bunny rugs as it may overheat and irritate them. Go for the lightweight muslin and cotton wraps instead. Slings and wraps are ideal for the newborn and can be conveniently used as your child grows through toddlerhood.

    While dressing your newborn, you need to ensure that she/he doesn’t get irritated with your multiple movements. Follow the procedure described below to dress up your newborn in a hassle-free and comfortable manner.

    • Place your newborn on a soft surface in a warm enough room.
    • Put a nappy on the baby to prevent them from weeing on you.
    • Stretch the neck of the singlet and supporting your baby’s head, put it on from the back. Be careful that you do not scrap the baby’s face with the cloth while doing this.
    • Gently place the baby’s arms through the arms hole.
    • While dressing up the baby in a jumpsuit, unzip or unbutton it, place the baby on top of the jumpsuit, put their arms and legs into the holes, snap the buttons or do up the zip.

    Choose comfy newborn baby clothing set as it will allow you to dress up your baby in fewer movements and in less time without causing them discomfort or irritation. This becomes all the more crucial if you need to dress up your baby quickly after a pleasant bath while she or he is still yelling.

    The babywear you select should provide not only value for money but also allow your baby to make free movements for the exploration of surroundings under your caring eyes.

    Hoodies for the newborn

    At Fly Baby Wear, we have plenty of choices for your newborn’s wearing needs. Babywear items such as hoodies not only provide warmth to your baby but also provide comfort and protection to their head. Here are some newborn hoodies available with the Fly Baby Wear that you can choose from for your newborn:

    • Hooded coats + T-shirt + pants
    • Baby girls long sleeve hooded tops floral pants 2 pcs, and
    • Baby boys girl 3D hooded tops sweatshirt + striped pants outfit clothing set 0 - 3 that are great for layering.

    A word of caution! Do not use strong detergents and fabric softeners while washing the baby’s clothes as these items may irritate their tender skin. Soak the clothes soiled with poo in a nappy sanitizer before washing.

    Front-opening is a lot convenient, go for it

    It could be really irritating for the babies to put them into the clothing that needs to be pulled over their heads. So, go for the clothes with front-openings that could be easily put on while the baby is lying down. Remember that the babies have comparatively larger heads, so make sure that the baby T-shirt has a large neckline or clasps that you can conveniently do up again without itching on their chubby cheeks once the T-shirt is over the baby’s head.

    You also need to keep certain quality parameters in mind to get nothing but the best for your baby. The below quality indicators will help you select the best quality online babywear for your kids.

    • Go for the toddler baby suits or clothes that are made from baby soft cotton. It’s extra gentle for the newborn’s tender skin.
    • Choose the clothes that are comfortable and easy to get on and off.
    • The babywear should be soft, comfy and easy to take care of.
    • Babies grow fast, so do not go for the smallest sizes.
    • While shopping for the baby bodysuit, make sure that it’s durable enough to withstand multiple diaper changes.
    • Expandable shoulder of the baby wear will allow you to get the baby suit on and off without getting you caught on the baby’s head and ears.
    • Soft, stretchy pants with covered elastic waistband will make it easy for you to get them on and off.
    • Fold over cuffs will save your baby from scratching his or her face.
    • A side-snap closure body suit would be even better than having a zipper as you won’t have to worry about accidentally catching your baby’s thighs as you zip it up.

    An exhaustive range of online babywear collection

    Fly Baby Wear’s featured products come with sturdy stitching, breathable fabric and attractive designs. All our products are competitively priced and we provide hassle free home delivery service to our valued customers.

    You can choose from a range of our online baby wear categories such as:

    • Boys
    • Girls
    • Infants
    • New Born
    • Toddlers
    • Baby Monitors, and
    • Miscellaneous Items

    We have even more options of you in toddlers’ wear, such as:

    • Newborn infant baby toddler long sleeve deer fish romper jumpsuit for baby girl
    • Gentleman style bow tie jumpsuit toddler boys clothing
    • Baby boy girl hooded romper long sleeve X print striped toddler kids jumpsuit

    Some of our trendiest babywear clothing for infants include the below ones:

    • Yoda style newborn photography baby hat crochet clothing set knitted
    • Newborn baby boy girl clothing set short sleeve top romper + long pant heat 3 pcs outfit
    • Little monsters short sleeve 2 pcs baby boy clothes
    • Nyan cat baby boy romper spring autumn infant Goku long-sleeves toddler jumpsuit
    • Cute newborn infant baby girls whale print warm romper jumpsuit clothes

    Trendiest baby outfits

    Need some ideas on the baby outfits? We have put together some of the trendiest outfits for boys and girls so that you don’t have to. Here are some top choices for you:

    • 2018 autumn baby boy clothes long sleeve top + pants + hat 3pcs sport suit baby clothing set
    • Baby boy romper superman long sleeve with smock Halloween Christmas costume gift
    • Newborn cotton printed long-sleeved T-shirt + pants + cap kids 3 pcs suit
    • Newborn infant romper bodysuit outfit clothing romper outfits
    • Toddler girls cotton butterfly T-shirt + pants suit set baby girls long sleeve clothing set
    • Winter spring floral and striped print hooded top with pocket pant cotton 2pcs tracksuit
    • 100% cotton cartoon underwear baby’s sets gift box
    • Lovable unisex baby suits/3-piece set baby bodysuit + long pants + cute hat

    Storing the baby clothes

    Baby clothes need to be stored carefully for extended usability. Below tips will help you extend the life of your babywear items.

    • Wash the clothes and treat any stains. Separate into each size/gender and ensure that the clothes are completely dry before you put them into the labeled containers.
    • Don’t give away your baby’s pants too early as they might be reused as your baby grows. A one- year-old’s pant can be used again when he is out of his nappies at two and wearing undies instead.
    • At times, the baby clothing might appear yellowed when you pull them out of storage. Don’t be stressed as they just need a wash, overnight soak or little exposure to the sun to be as good as new again.

    Baby clothing doesn’t get dirty before they grow to crawl or start eating extras. Clothing for infants and toddlers has low amortization, so you can also consider giving them to someone in need.

    Blending design with quality

    Our babywear collection features designs that you will simply love. Their super comfy fabrics with elastic waists allow for easy dressing. Our range of babywear collection of toddler clothes includes:

    • Rompers
    • Jumpsuits
    • Pants
    • Hoodies
    • Outfits
    • Socks and Shoes

    Fly Baby Wear has a vast collection of highly comfortable, easy-clean and easy-wear online baby wear that are so cutely designed that you will want to keep them tiny forever.

    Fly Baby Wear products are designed to let your little ones be little, allowing them to be comfortable in discovering the world around them and do what they do the best – crawl, play, sleep and thrive. Our baby wears are made to be extra soft and adorable for cuddles and first adventures of your baby. Fly Baby Wear’s featured body suits for boys, girls and unisex are designed for easy changing and keeping your baby in cozy environs.

    Thriving on quality and care

    All our babywear products are top quality with awe-inspiring designs that make everyday activities and playtime really exciting for your lovely baby.

    Give your baby a sweet welcome with toddlers’ clothes from the Fly Baby Wear. We regularly come up with sale events wherein you can get some great deals on your favorite baby suits online, baby girl dresses, baby boy dresses, toddler clothes, jumpsuits, rompers, hoodies, pants, outfits and other items from our exhaustive range of baby wear collection. Free shipping is offered on all orders. Book your order to get uniquely crafted, best quality babywear for your bundle of joy.